Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crazy Love.

I don't know how to write this blog.

SO much happened this semester.

I lived completely by myself for the first time, which was a learning and growing process. Lots of ups and downs, but enjoyable for the most part. I went to the International Balloon Festival - which involved going to Glorieta for one night. I lost some friends, but made new ones. I got a new job, that I love. I bought a ticket for Passion. I bought my first two plane tickets for flights that I'll fly by myself. I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner with two other people. I fed the homeless. I grew. I sang. I rejoiced. I cried. I loved.

There have been many things the Lord has taught me the last few months. But, there have been two things He's been showing me almost everyday.

Love and grace.

Christ died for me, even when He knew I would mess up time after time.

And time after time, people in my life do the same thing. I can either hold a grudge and get angry, or I can choose to love them anyways. Sometimes this is a real struggle, sometimes I completely fail at it. I just know that I have never been so aware of His love, and there's nothing to do besides pour it out to others; I'm compelled by the love of Christ.

Love is something beautiful... pure, genuine love. it's beautiful.

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