Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two for One.

Ah, the big 2-1.
I'm not a huge fan of birthdays, I'm kind of cursed when it comes to them... last year and my 18th were the last two semi-good ones. But, I figured this one is kind of worth trying to celebrate and it's my last big one for nine years. Whoa.

But, as you may have noticed, I had to share it with Easter. I was a little bitter about this, honestly. I can relate to the kids who have birthdays next to Christmas... you don't get your spotlight. I knew it was petty, because really... Easter is a lot more important and significant than my birthday. If it weren't for Easter, my birthday wouldn't be worth celebrating in the first place. But, I felt like I was being selfish trying to celebrate my birthday the same weekend/day of Easter.

I didn't have a bad birthday, just nothing went as planned. I ate plenty though, really... I need to go run 12 miles everyday for the next two weeks.

Sunday, I went out for ice cream with Dino.
Monday, I went out to Starbucks with Molly and Jenny.
Friday, I went to Abuelo's for the first time with my work ladies, and Taylor.

Yesterday, my parents came to town to celebrate. And brought presents. Wrapping pictured courtesy of my sister.

We, along with Sarah, went to "soccermom's" for lunch and then the Cake Company.

Then, my parents and I went shopping... for five hours. I hate shopping.
I also introduced them to the Frazzleberry. :)
For dinner, I ate McAlister's Deli for the first time; Angela and Allison also joined in on the fun.

Then, I came home and worked on a typography project. Yes. I did homework.

Sunday! Easter! Birthday!

Usual breakfast at Ranch House Cafe (my parents and I eat there every time they come to town). I splurged and got chocolate chip pancakes.
Church, and then Ruby Tequila's with the Meyer family. Where I got free dessert, again.

Come home, ran some errands and got some Starbucks with Tiffany.
Then, nothing. Stores are closed. The lab was closed. Everyone was busy.
So, I instead I got to skype.... for three hours. :)

Maybe not the most exciting birthday. Maybe not what I had planned... but when does anything in life really go as planned? I think what I'm disappointed most in is that in the midst of all the birthday-ness, I never really soaked in the gloriousness and sacredness of what today is first and foremost about. I was selfish and more caught up in me, and besides church this morning, never really celebrated the excitement of Easter.

But, I am thankful. I have some of the best family, sometimes I lose sight of how blessed I am. My friends, or second family, are amazing as well. Really, I don't need presents and more stuff. And really, all I wanted to do was hang out with people. Plans got canceled and changed, but things happen.

I know I'm loved, by family and friends - but more importantly, God. Everything I received this week/end was just another blessing from Him. He's sooooo good.

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