Sunday, March 25, 2012

101 in 1001 - done!

Well, today is the end of my 101 in 1001 list! Crazy to think it's been 1001 days since I started this. Unfortunately, there were several things that didn't get checked off my list. 


Run a 5k, roadtrip somewhere out of state to run another 5k, complete p90x -- well, due to knee surgery and foot problems at various times over the last three years, this did not get accomplished. But, I tried many times! 

Wear a dress to class five times -- well, I had written it down once, but I think it maybe happened twice. No real good reason for this except laziness :)

Go to Washington, D.C. and Austin -- I really wanted to go and see Ellie, and I've always wanted to see D.C. and Austin, but schedule and money got in the way :(

Study abroad, again -- again with the money and schedule.  

Have an A1C under 7%, keep a food log for two weeks, lose 15 pounds -- I got close on the first two, but no cigar. This will be an ongoing effort though!

Watch a live Texas Tech game -- had a few chances, but never happened. Oh well!

Go camping -- Texas isn't very ideal for camping, but I feel like this may happen after I get married :) 

For five months, take one day a month to do absolutely nothing -- I am way too busy to do this. But, for awhile I took one day off a week to relax... that only lasted awhile though.

Watch a scary movie -- I was never brave enough to try this one :)

Buy the Grey's Anatomy seasons -- who needs to buy them when you have Netflix? I still want the seasons though.

Call my sister once a month for six months -- schedule problems again.

Road-trip to at least three football games, fully paint my face at a football game -- I was way more into football when this list was made! I made it to one away game! Money and schedule, again. 

Don't wear a t-shirt (minus working out) for one week, wear my glasses (minus working out) for a week. -- I am such a t-shirt girl :) and love my contacts too much!

Only go to Wal-Mart once a week (unless for school supplies) for two months -- close, but no cigar. Living five minutes away for Wal-Mart is so convenient!

Ride my bike in PDC -- this was problematic since I don't have a truck to take it down there/no one to ride with!

Participate in at least one dorm "program" a month for a semester, participate in five new on-campus activities. -- my dorm didn't have good programs the year after I made this, and then I moved off campus. woops. college schedules are crazy, if you hadn't noticed.

Write Ellie a letter every other week for three months -- I got close, but failed as a pen pal :(

Join an intramural team -- I did this before I made the list, but never joined a team again.

Get a pedicure -- that'll happen right before I get married! ;)

Go one week without passing judgement aloud -- I'm sure this happened at some point, but I never kept track. Should have made a more asserted effort towards this :( 

Be able to bench press more than the bar -- I wanna say I did this at some point.

Do the 365 Day Project on Flickr, name a star after something/someone important, become certified in CPR, buy and be comfortable in a bikini -- one day these will happen....

Donate $5 to JDRF for every task not completed -- that's a lot of money... we'll see! haha!

Go go-cart racing -- maybe after I'm married, Aaron and I can find time to do this :)

Document pictures for each, finish this list and make another -- pictures for most, but making another... I think I'll make a bucket list instead :)

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