Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Married!

Here I am, a married woman.

Just a little over two weeks into married life. It seems almost everyday someone else is asking me how the wedding was, how the honeymoon was, how much do I love married life?

I love it, in case you were wondering.

Even in the frustrating moments - because they don't last long, and his hugs make up for it and then some. (I'm a hugger.)

We're learning, as all newlyweds do. Learning each other, learning habits, learning how to communicate. Though, I must say, that almost two years of almost nothing but communicating, we have the upperhand in that court. Not perfect, but doing pretty well.


Sunday morning I was simultaneously getting ready for church, eating breakfast, folding laundry, cleaning up dishes... and I felt so wife-y.

I keep bouncing back and forth between feeling like this is so normal, and feeling like this is so new and what I need to work on. And then I'm reminded that I can't do very much at all compared to the work that He can do within me. Which leads me to praying that He would help make me do better at this, and be better about doing that, etc.

I don't feel like we are in the "honeymoon" stage of married life still (yes, I know it's only been two weeks), but life just started happening when we got back. Nothing too horrible or unbearable, but it hasn't been just rainbows and giggles (well, except there has been a lot of giggles) in the Freeman residence. But, we're real. We're here. We're married. We're doing life, trying to figure out all the curveballs.

That same Sunday, our church did more of an acoustic-like worship service... the last song they played: 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman. This song was played on the piano at our wedding while we poured our unity sand and took communion together. I've heard the song on the radio countless times since our wedding. But, not just the piano version. Radio version and piano version are different. I started crying. The tears I expected on our wedding day (that didn't show up) came out during that song. My entire wedding day was flashing through my mind as the song played and I tried to sing along.

Happy, thankful tears. Because in spite of the frustrations or small arguments, I was standing next to the man I loved; my best friend, worshipping our wonderful Heavenly Father, and it hit me again... I'm married.


We are starting a new blog. I probably won't be updating much on here, if ever. Follow us and our shenanigans at freemanfollies.wordpress.com :)

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