Tuesday, December 8, 2009

God's Being Sneaky.

I am amazed. that's all there is to it.

The Lord never ceases to amaze me, in the little things He does. Which of course, is a funny statement.... because He doesn't do just "big" things.

Take for instance... change. Last year, first semester, I was not seeking God. Yes, I "was Christian," (whatever that means) and went to Bible study regularly, and church when I could resist the urge to sleep in. But, over the next 8 months, God transformed my heart and led me to lead a Bible study in Buff Hall. (... I will admit, I was reluctant at first.)

More change. (He has a thing about changing and transforming us, eh?)

The BSM and PBC hosted a "Girls' Retreat" early on in the semester. For about a week I went back and forth between feeling like I should go, I didn't want to go, I did, I didn't... blah blah blah. Finally, I decided to stop making it my decision, and listen to what God wanted me to do. Boy was He right in sending me. One of my favorite experiences from this semester, by far. I met some amazing girls who, some, are now great friends of mine. Fast forward through some falling outs, and soon I'm finding that God wanted me to meet these new girls for a reason. Although He really is all we need - He does want us to have some sisters... no, not sorority sisters, but sisters in Christ. I don't really know where I would be right now or what would've transpired if I hadn't gone that weekend. Crazy to think one weekend could have so much impact. :)

Even smaller things.

Twice, this semester, this has happened. I am not a nap taker. My body doesn't like it, and if I somehow do manage to fall asleep for a short period... when it is actually time for bed, it takes triple the amount of nap-time for me to fall asleep. But, the other day, this weird coincidence happened again. I took a nap. Just a short one... a surge of extreme exhaustion hit me right after supper. Took a nap, studied, blah blah blah. That night, I unexpectedly ended up in the library at a late hour with one of my best friends, trying to deal with one of life's little problems. As we left the library later on, I said, "God must've known this was going to happen... and that I'd come up here to talk. ... I took a nap today."

I know God gives us trials, just to draw us closer to Him. I have to remind myself during those times, that God has a reason and He's going to get us through. One time I had a thought, maybe, God is jealous for us... so He throws a little problem in front of us so we turn back around to Him. Haha... God is jealous for me. Sweet. :)

I can honestly say... this semester has been really rough at times.

But, I wouldn't trade it.

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