Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Less is More.

Where do I start?

Today, I was listening to a Matt Chandler podcast (an old one, I believe) and he started talking about how Christians so often get caught up in the idea of Christianity being all about you, and how you're saved, so all is well. When really, we're supposed to help others... reach out to others. Christians also get wrapped up in this idea of all these behavior modifications, "okay, God. I did this. Now you owe me."

In another sermon, he was talking about being restored, about being made in His image, and what that looks like. When he talked about the fact that his barista at Starbucks has a soul, that the catty waitress at the restaurant has a soul and how we should still let God shine through us and influence our actions. Meaning, even when they're rude (or slow)... us being restored by God, should show grace and patience.

I realized today, that I don't always do that. I haven't done that, when I should the most. It's not that I was embarrassed, or... anything else like that. My flesh got in the way.

That is my first New Year's Resolution.... I guess, I don't know if I really want to call it a resolution. a goal, maybe? whatever... something along that line.

Less of my flesh, more of His Spirit.

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