Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No More Tuna.

So, today at lunch, I ate with one of the funniest people I know. Yun-Lip Kim, or Lip for short (prounounced "leap").

She had this plate full of fruits and veggies, and whatnot. And a bagel.
I thought the bagel was slightly random, but to each his own.

Then, she started putting stuff ON the bagel. Not cream cheese, or jelly, or peanut butter.

Egg salad.
Tuna salad.

I started making gagging noises, and commented that it looked really gross. Of course, she got defensive and said it was delicious, and that I had to try it before I dissed it.

What did she do? Shoved it in my face, forcing me to eat it.

The egg salad.... not as bad as I imagined.

But the tuna salad...

First of all, did not look like that picture. It was more gray... and not as chunky. Second of all, I ate a smidge of it and thought I was going to hurl right then and there.

Then, I (being a nerd) got excited because I thought I could cross "eating something new" off of my 101 list. :)

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