Monday, July 4, 2011

Odd Celebrations.

There are certain birthdays that are deemed more important, for whatever reason. I think the last five birthdays have been accompanied with thoughts of can't-believe-I'm-becoming-an-adult and whatnot.

Yes, I am aware that my birthday was two months ago. :)
But, today is another day that I celebrate.

My diabetic birthday.

Not many people, as in... anyone who is not a diabetic, understand why I celebrate this "birthday" of mine. First of all, why not have a "valid" reason to go out to eat, or buy ice cream, or drink DDP all day? Those are not really the reasons I celebrate this, just fyi.

I celebrate being alive, being healthy. I celebrate all the good things that have come with this defective pancreas, like getting to eat snacks at school/work, when other people can't... or more importantly, the friendships that have formed because of it.

I celebrate being different. (No funny comments about me being weird!) For a long time, that was one of the reasons I hated diabetes. Sometimes it still is one of the reasons I hate diabetes. The way I see it, God could have easily not chosen me to deal with this. But He did. He knew I could handle it, and the times when I can't, He will.

Earlier, as I was thinking about this blog, I thought about yesterday 18 years ago. It would've been my last day as a normal child. Er.. as normal as I could ever be. I know I was sick the few days before, obviously, because that's why my parents took me to the hospital finally. So, did I feel horrible? Did I get to eat anything sweet? I just wonder what that last day was like... kind of like, if there's ever a cure... what would that first day be like?

Articles like this are so exciting. But at the same time, it's weird to think about life without diabetes. Granted, it would be a lot easier and cheaper... and I'm not about to turn that down.

Maybe I celebrate this day just because it means an occasional late night "snack" (a.k.a. - eat the contents of the entire fridge). Or, maybe I celebrate it because life would be horrible if all I ever did was cry about my defective pancreas.

Cheers to surviving 18 years!

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