Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pray for Riley.

Riley Tuttle, is my cousin’s son. He’s three years old, and was put in the hospital because e-coli attacked his kidneys and they shut down. He is going to be in the hospital for 2-3 weeks, and they just started him on dialysis. Riley had surgery to place his port in for dialysis. He’s out now, but as a precaution due to slight bleeding, he was placed in the PICU. We thought he was going to be out of PICU today (7/13), but it turns out he won’t because he can’t hold down water. Chest x-rays showed too much fluid on his lungs. They put his bed in a “V” so gravity can help pull fluid from chest and legs, and drain through dialysis. He’s also been put on pain meds. The doctor wants to put a feeding tube in, but his parents don’t really want to do that. If the parents can get him to eat and keep down 10ml of Pediasure every hour, for 24 hours straight, the doctor said he wouldn’t put one in. Please continue to pray for this sweet three-year-old!

Update (7/23): This update is a little late, but Riley went home earlier this week!! He had a successful surgery to remove his dialysis port and was released to go home. He's still recovering, but home and happy! :)

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  1. Praise Jesus! (in regards to the update) That's great to hear, Jess!