Wednesday, August 25, 2010

101 Update.

Last two weeks have been crazy busy, but I did manage to check two things off my list!

#55 -- Do a photo shoot for someone.

These two guys were co-summer staffers, and amazing musicians. They both lead worship at their home churches, and actually got asked to lead worship for a youth retreat here in Amarillo! It's pretty cool the things God pulls together! Check them out on Facebook: Stillwater Worship!

#7 -- Cook something I've never cooked before.

Thanks to my boyfriend, I cooked something new. It was legitimate cooking! When I bought my huge bundle of groceries when I got back, most everything was "cook for 20 minutes" or stick in the microwave. Nothing I got would require cutting or more ingredients. But, Aaron and I cooked this (and this for dessert):

So good! :) ... minus the basil sauce or whatever that green stuff is. GROSS. Don't try it.

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