Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beauty in the Breaking.

This last week hasn't been the greatest.
This last week has been awesome.

Both statements are true completely. I'm not sure how that happens simultaneously.

Due to lack of blood sugar control, I got a UTI. I've been having to check about 8x a day now, so that my doctor can figure out what to change. Three days later, I start getting sick. Yesterday, I didn't have a voice. Saturday night/Sunday I was congested, earache, etc. Though, thankfully to lots of sleep and medicine (and prayer) I am feeling a lot better today.

But, during all this, I had a lot of good things happen. Like, I got to hear John Macarthur speak. And, I got to see Lecrae in concert - for FREE. My parents and grandparents came into town for a few days... so that included: phase 10, ice cream, Bobcat Bite, Tucanos, Olive Garden, Sandia Peak, and the (lame) Balloon Museum. I also got my t-shirt quilt (late birthday present)! And, a bunch of us summer staff girls went to Texas Roadhouse and atomic bowling to celebrate a birthday. I also got to eat Pei Wei and see Hillsong (neither for free, but still awesome).

Life has it's ups and downs, it's inevitable. I know life is not perfect, therefore I know at some point something else will go wrong (also the pessimist inside me). But, there's something that God has taught me this summer... and that's this: whatever is currently going wrong, is really not that bad... and I have a hope that surpasses everything else. Him.

I was watching a storm roll in and through town the other day, and I have to add... the clouds/sky here in New Mexico is simply beautiful. But while I was watching, I just felt like God was telling me, "You see how beautiful this storm is? There's beauty in your storms too, not just after... but during."

The pain that comes with the storm draws me closer to Him.
I draw closer to Him, and He continues to transform me.
He breaks down the things that are not of Him.

Sometimes we don't realize, and too often forget...

there is beauty in the breaking.

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