Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've done a fair share of Walk for Diabetes walks. Do I remember any of them? No, or if I do, it's vague. That's why I put this on my 101 list!

This morning, I checked off #91 - Do Walk for Diabetes.

Meet Team Fruitcake!

and my dad. :) who also participated.

It was kind of sweet, being able to actually participate and remember this... with sweet friends, and my dad, who's been there through it all. We've had our fair share of fights about what I can and cannot eat, needing better control, etc. But, he told me how at the previous walks he pushed me in a stroller or pulled me in a wagon. So precious.

The people called all type 1 diabetic kids up to the front for a picture. While my friend and I stood up there, some little kids stood in front of me. And, I thought... oh they are so cuuuuute! Then it hit me, that was me. I was that little, if not smaller.

It just broke my heart, and then I just wanted to keep in touch with their mommies for all the tough roads ahead. When the school doesn't want to give snacks but they actually have to by law, when the mean sports coach doesn't understand you have to SIT when you're low, how to handle those crazy high school all day events, and sending them off to college. I just want to tell them it'll be alright, that this is a blessing in disguise. That there's hope.

My dad made a joke on the way over to the walk, because both my sister and I have some health issues, he said, "yes, you've both been 'touched' by God." True that. :)

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