Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you believe in "the one"?

I don't know how many people read this, or if any of you will actually comment... but after a discussion last night, this has been on my mind all day.

Do you think there is ONE person for you in the world? Or, are you of the belief that there are a few/several people out there for you, but because of life's path... you end up with this or that person?

I do not fully side with either belief, mostly because I'm human, and my mind can't comprehend all of God's works. God, on the other hand, is outside of time.

With all of the people in the world, is it really possible for there to be only one person? Some say it seems impossible. But, is God not powerful and sovereign enough to arrange a divine encounter of you and a specific person?

There's also the issue of free will.

But, the way I see it - if there is more than just "the one" for you, that makes it seem like God has Plan A, B, C... etc. He already knows the day I will die, so He already knows the person I will spend the rest of my life with. I don't think God gave free will and made out different plans for if I take this path or that path.

Granted, if there is more than one person, God can still use your marriage for His glory. Maybe there is one person for each of us, and we find them only when we are actively seeking His will. God still works in the lives of those who don't believe or follow Him... is there marriage by choice of free will, or do they end up with "the one" that God has planned?

Maybe God doesn't intend for us to be with one person, even though He knows who we'll spend our life with?

Too many questions. What are your thoughts?


  1. "we find them only when we are actively seeking His will" - I know this one to be untrue, many of the couples in my church who are now leaders met when they were very much 'unchristian' but realize without a doubt God brought them together.

    Personally, I don't believe in a single "one." And I don't think God has Plan A B and C. I believe there is a freedom. Think of it this way - most people believe a house is the biggest investment they will ever make. Financial advisers say that's not good if it is - with how easily it could fluctuate, rather your investments should be greater than the value of your home.
    Similarly, whom you marry should not be the one crowning decision of your life, if it is - well then, its going to disappoint you. Our biggest decisions, investments, and joys should come from the life were living, in pursuit of God in whatever form that may take. Who we share that pursuit with is open, there are some better options than others, but that person is not our pursuit; and so doesn't define us but helps us,as we help them in their pursuit of God.

    Maybe I just said marriage isn't as important as everyone thinks it is, which isn't exactly what I mean. Haha, maybe I wouldn't be so confused if I had a wife to straighten my thoughts out :P

  2. I would agree to some degree with the previous post. I was not serving the Lord when I felt deep in my heart that I should move far from home to a specific place where one year later your cousin and I would meet through a roomate, date and marry 9 months later. We are both *now* pursuing God above ALL else! But that was not the case when God led us together.

    I believe that God knows every decision we will make, and he gives us exactly who we need at all times. He may give us no one so that we will seek HIM, he may give us a friend, so they will stand by us and encourage us when we are desperate, he may give us a love intrest because we are truly ready for a helpmate in turning our lives around. I believe there are different people that *could* work, and Rom. 8:28 says He will work even less than perfect things out for His good. But I truly believe that he does everything in his power to keep us on the best track, whether we are activly seeking him or not.

    I pray often that God will change the desires of my heart if they are not what He desires for me. And I also pray this for those I love and encounter who are struggling with thier flesh. I believe He is the one who helps us see the truth, sometimes we just wear beer goggles too long and then he gives us neverending *grace* :) and Rom 8:28 comes into play. Thank you Jesus!

    Love is not an emotion, it is a decision. We can love ANYONE! Even a poor helpmate, is still a helpmate. They teach us what not to do :) I believe God is the most important thing to seek, and guess what, YOU are his child!!!!!!! I don't hide secrets from my children when they honestly want the truth. Ask your Father! Expect an answer, and you will recieve. :) Just don't be scared of the answer. Embrace it and put your feelings aside. Even if it's scary pursuing his perfect will, He will get you through every step by his grace!