Monday, February 27, 2012

February Trip.

Dear Fiancé,

Well, you sure started the trip off quite well. You surprised me (even when I said it would be hard to do so!), and now we're engaged! We're getting married!!

Could it get any better after that? Hardly. Haha, but it did. We always have a good time. Remember getting me a DDP before my interview so I would calm down? Then, afterwards, I had to change into less formal clothes in a gas station bathroom. We took the MARTA (it's probably weird how much I enjoy doing that) to Midtown to meet up with new friends.

Now I can say I've been jay-walking in Atlanta! And, we tried a new restaurant, so we got an early start on our to-do list. Maybe next time I'll try something more adventurous than a Turkey BLT, because I hardly consider that to be New Orleans-type cuisine.

It took me 21 years, but I finally went to the circus! Sorry that little girl threw up on you :) But, we have to go back next year when there's dragons and whatever else they said would be there!

If we continue to make impromptu breakfast trips to Waffle House, we are never going to get into shape. Maybe if we limit it to once a month, because I find it fun in it's own little way. Maybe it's just because you're there.

I'm so proud of how productive we were, we got a lot of wedding planning (or brainstorming, I should say) done. Remember that time we were so in the zone of planning that we rode the MARTA an extra 20 minutes on the wrong train? Yeah, let's not do that again.

Even though I am not a fan of Valentine's Day, I do enjoy your family's tradition of the Valentine's Day dinner. If we start our own though, the dish must be something without ham... please. :) And, seeing The Vow was fun, that's only the second or third movie I've seen in three years. You are such a bad influence on me, sir.

I really hate those early morning flights. Being at the airport before 5 a.m. makes for an extremely long day. It should be illegal to say good-bye that early. But, it won't be happening again... hopefully, ever. Because, we're getting married. :)

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