Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Home!

I have a place to live. Today, we signed the lease for our future home. For the next 80-some odd days, I will live there alone, preparing our home for August. After August 18th, Aaron will move in. We are one step closer to being together.

It's kind of surreal. A week ago today, I left Texas. I left my "home" of four years. The place I knew, that I loved. A place of familiarity and comfort, now behind me. Soon, I will be zipping around Atlanta, doing this and that - it will be my new familiar.

Two weeks ago, I was worrying about finals and grades, anticipating graduation. Now here I am, getting renter's insurance, finding new doctors, trying to find furniture. Crazy whirlwind, and although it's had it's frustrating points - it's been exciting.

The best part has been having my best friend/fiancée beside me, not 1200 miles away. Part of me wanted to already have a place set when I came here, to have something set in stone. But, I loved going through the process together... sitting at the table, signing papers, making one of our first big decisions together.

Even better than that, is seeing how greatly God has provided - in even the smallest of ways. (See my last post for how that happened with the job search.) When looking for a place to stay, we wanted first and foremost - something that was not a dump, and in our price range. We wanted to be wise with our incomes and honor God with how we manage our money. Next was washer and dryer connections IN the unit, I didn't want to deal with hauling laundry somewhere like I have for the past four years. Where we're staying, we have a BIG laundry room, plus a sunroom, and a fireplace. This is not just an apartment, like what I lived in the past two years... it's going to be a home.

A home with my husband.

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  1. oh Jess, just plain happy for you. when do u move in?