Saturday, May 29, 2010

Array of Friends.

There are seven friends you should have, according to Collegiate magazine.

1. The crazy fun friend: one who will drag you out of your funk, make you laugh and the one you can adventure with. I like to think almost all my friends are fun, but the "adventure" part makes me think of Rachel (Owen) and Cierra.

2. The long distance friend: not a part of your daily life, can offer outside perspective. Definitely Ellie - though she is not a "part" of daily life, she definitely knows what goes on throughout my day.

3. The non-christian friend: gives a fresh perspective outside of our bubble of Christian friends. I do have these friends, but I don't consider them very close...

4. The opposite sex friend: gives solid advice and perspective that can't be given my same sex friends. Love my guys - Dino and Tyler (Sweeney).

5. The accountability friend: will call you out when needed, especially in matters of life. Especially after my Bible study this semester, I realize how important these are. I have so many that I know would call me out if needed - Lindsey, Angela, Allison...

6. The mentor friend: offers real and honest wisdom, guidance and insight. Two of the biggest mentors this year were Tiffany (Harris) and Angela.

7. The life friend: the one who has seen you through it all - and will always be there. Ellie for sure, and my sister. Although Angela and Allison haven't known me my whole life, I know we will always be sisters in Christ. :)

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