Sunday, May 16, 2010


The other night a bunch of us summer staffers went to the Plaza in Santa Fe. There's a lot of homeless people around there. I've never really been around homeless people before, so it was a real eye-opener.

One of our guys ended up giving a homeless man $5. That mere $5 caused the homeless man to cry because he was so grateful for our help. I love kindhearted and thankful this homeless man was, despite his circumstances. He was telling US about God, most of the time that he was talking.

I read something that night in my devotional that was about homeless people, ironically. I just thought on it for awhile, and remember thinking and praying for a spirit like them. To know that God is all I need. It was humbling just to see the homeless guy and talk to him, after I've been a little bit whiny about the condition of our rooms here at Glorieta.

It's been so amazing to see God work in just small ways in one week. :)

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