Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm in Glorieta! :)

For the last week I've been packing. Packing for three months is a lot harder than it sounds! On top of that, I was packing up my room... because I got an APARTMENT! I will move when I get back in August.

As I was leaving my dorm yesterday with my last-minute items, I realized how ironic it was the items I was carrying... kind of reflected my last year.

Laptop: always on it, for school and.... facebook. Among any other computer needs.

Bible: always in it, got me through the last year.

Jacket: ... I was always cold.

Smartwater: (cue cheesey statement) I learned a lot over the last year. And I drink a lot of water... ?

Toilet paper (kleenex were packed): a lot of tears were shed in that building.

Yes. I am just that cheesey. But I just found it very ironic. :)

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