Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sacred Priorities.

Sometimes, you need a break. Space. Breathing room. Quiet.

Today, I made that my day.
No TV.
Very little computer.
Mild texting.
I didn't even go to church.

Lots of reading and cleaning (my two therapies).

I'm sad to say that my crazy schedule this semester has shaken things up. Some good, some bad. I do read my Word everyday - sometimes it's an obligation, sometimes it's a joy; but I think that happens to everyone. But, sometimes I feel rushed, I need to grab my stuff and head to class. I tell myself I'll read when I get home, as the Bible lays on the kitchen untouched that evening.

Today, though, I made extra time. Not that I consider this to "cover" me for the last week or next week. I did two studies - which coincidentally were almost identical. My best friend and I are going through "Seeking Him" and my Bible study group is going through "Set Apart Femininity" - both very awesome.

The last section of Seeking Him that I did today was rough. One of those very humbling, sometimes painful studies. It took us through a list of things to "put off" (with a list of things to replace it with as well) - jealousy, loving others, impatience, complaining, fear, worldly entertainment, on and on. I'm making it a goal to go through the provided scriptures again this week, hopefully more than once.

I'm not sure which study or book it's from, but Leslie Ludy has something called "Cleaning out the Sanctuary"... which is basically the same concept as the study mentioned before, but more in detail. Although it didn't provide scripture, it pointed out things (or rather, God pointed out things) in my life that are not of Him.

As I was reading this week's chapter for Set Apart Femininity afterwards, more things jumped out at me. It talked about how we are often angry or upset because we feel like God is distant. Yet, we can quote more movie quotes than scripture. We justify watching movies (trashy or mild), or being caught up in the latest TV series by say it's normal and accepted. Personally, I didn't realize how influenced I am by pop culture, even when I hardly watch TV (especially not MTV) or read all the big magazines, etc.

"Most of us feel we don't have enough time for prayer and seeking God. But we don't even consider giving up our nightly TV time or weekend movie fests." - Set Apart Femininity

I was thinking how wonderful it would be to take away school or work, only have to deal with one of them. (you know, like spending a summer in Glorieta!) Then, I could spend more time with God. But, then God reminded me that He's placed me here, with the certain people He's placed in my life, with everything as it - for a reason. He teaches me through circumstances and people everyday.

I watched this video last semester, but I still love it.

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