Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Again, and again.

God is so faithful, and He just reminds me over and over... and sometimes I don't even realize it until I look back.

Last night was the second week of my Bible study. There were 11 of us girls. Eleven. That's the most I've had, which isn't even a lot.. but to me it is a lot, because I'm not a huge fan of speaking in public. But, a few weeks ago before school started, I was nervous people weren't going to come... that it was going to be smaller... obviously not :)

We talked about diligence and being diligent in ministry - which includes just encouraging others, helping, talking, listening, writing, cooking, etc. From that, my girls (haha... "my") decided that they want to go find or buy some food and coats and give them to the homeless in downtown Amarillo. Just, on their own. So amazing!

I've been reading "Purpose Driven Life" and a chapter I read the other day talked about how one of the greatest ways to worship is through obedience. And, I am going on my first mission trip to South Padre... "Beach Reach." We serve pancakes and give free van rides to drunk people and just spread the gospel to thousands of college students. I've heard it's exhausting, but more than that... I hear nothing but how amazing of a trip it is, and how much God teaches you. It's $400, and I have no idea how I'm going to get that money! But, as our BSM director said, "Say yes, until God says no." [PS -- if you feel led to help support me financially or through prayer, let me know!]

And while I'm on the topic of missions, I've been thinking about my summer. There's an organization called GoNow that sends students all over on various mission trips. I felt an obligation to go, and not a desire... and I didn't want to go for the wrong reason. What I do have a desire for is serving at a camp. I want to a "camp fair" last year, and all these camps from mostly Texas, but some other states, were there just trying to get workers. I considered it but never followed through... but I feel like I really want to do this. I have two in mind so far, one far and one close, so I'm just praying that God leads me to one of those if that's where He wants me.

I'm nervous about Spring Break and my summer... but I know God will place me where He wants me. I thought about last semester, and how I almost got a house. But that fell through. Then, I moved out of a suite... into another... and out of that one and into another. Lots of moving. But, I realized how blessed I am to be in this suite, and how God just worked everything to put me in here. I have an amazing roommate, who has never gotten the chance to go to a Bible study until now. And who wants to go to church with me more regularly. Another one of my suitemates actually went to my Bible study last semester, and I just love her! My other suitemate also is going to try and start going to Bible study (it's in our living room... so they don't have too far to walk).

On top of all those new Bible study girls and trips, my roommate and I went to church with eight other new people. Two of the people are regular church go-ers, but not to my church... the others, I'm not sure where they go or how often.

I have just been so encouraged this week, despite other problems and the stress of life. Haha. But I love when God gives me these reality checks!

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