Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts of Living.

I've realized this year, that I have a lot of strong opinions about how Christians live, or should live. I realized this is because for a long time, I didn't portray Christ. At all. I was the exact opposite. And I don't want to make that mistake again.

I prefer to stay away from the party scene - I get so uptight, I don't like drinking, people get stupid, there's drama, and I don't see anyway that it glorifies God. I don't want to do something to cause another believer to stumble in their faith.

In Matthew 15, it talks about how what you say (and I think to an extent, even think) is what defiles you. That's another reason I stay away from the party scene... what goes into your mind is what you start thinking about and speaking. I think even music affects that somewhat, and what you watch on TV.

On the other side of this scale, there's good things we, as Christians, forget to do that in our lives. In "Purpose Driven Life," it talked about how living each day as a test. There are big tests and little tests, and our goal is to pass (obiviously)... and we pass by how we live and go throughout the day, how we react.

God always provides, for what we need... what He's called us to do. In retrospect, we should have a generous heart. Not only tithing, but helping others, giving others your time. In doing this, we love. Which has been a big prayer of mine this semester... to love others more. Love the people around me I don't know, love the people around me that don't like me (or vice versa).

Worship is more than music. And it's not for you, it's for God. Part of this includes obedience. I love this from PDL: "Often we try to offer God partial obedience. We want to pick and choose the commands we obey. We make a list of the commands we like and obey those while ignoring the ones we think are unreasonable, difficult, expensive, or unpopular. I'll attend church but I won't tithe. I'll read my Bible but won't forgive the person who hurt me. Partial obedience is disobedience. Wholehearted obedience is done joyfully, with enthusiasm."

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