Friday, January 15, 2010

First week.

I think that in the dictionary, "first week of each college semester" should be added under mayhem, or chaos, or craziness.

It wasn't actually a bad week. Classes, ya-da ya-da. Work... that was mayhem. Everyone and their mom decided to go buy books this week. I wondered if some people didn't realize you can get them before break, or even over break.

Of course, we started BSM activities. I didn't start my Bible study though.... but I am this week! :) Then there's all the extra schtuff: working out, reading, sleeping occasionally, eating, game night. Haha. Not to mention, loving my new roommate. I started this semester on such a good foot... even though a few "bad" things did happen, I never went to bed thinking I had a bad night.

I started reading "The Purpose Driven Life" this week. I've never really had a devotional book before. I usually just read from my Bible every morning. This book really makes me think, though. And I love it.

At Passion, one of the most impacting messages was about how the cross isn't about us, it's about what He did, and that we are here to glorify Him. One of the first lessons in this book was about what drives our life, and what do others see that drives my life? I've re-learned a lot over the last three or so weeks that just reading my Bible every day, going to the BSM three days a week and leading a Bible study isn't enough. Sure, I'm nice... loving... whatever... but to people I know, and know well. Not to strangers, or people I don't especially like.

I read Psalm 15 today and it made me realize how much of that I did do, maybe not every day, but that doesn't make it less worse. Sometimes I get so caught up in the things of this world... and I sit there and think, wait a minute... that's not what I really want.

"What is your life?" - James 4:14

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