Friday, January 1, 2010


Stick to my budget. I didn't really overspend too much actually, but I'd like to save more. And tithe is part of this budget :) I tithe, but not a regular amount or as often as I'd like.

One day a week, unplug as much as possible. Meaning, no facebook or TV. Computer only for homework. And cell phone only for, "wanna get some dinner?" Doesn't mean I can't be around people... just not use technology. My life has become more wrapped up in that I realized.

Lose 10 pounds. Yes, I am using that cliche resolution.

Only move once. I know, sounds weird. I moved three times this year, four if you count the one right before Christmas.

No pop. I really don't drink pop that much. This summer I had a few... and then this semester it started creeping back up on me. I haven't had pop in two weeks, and I cut pop out a few years ago... so I know this'll be easy :P

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