Monday, August 17, 2009


Craziness is about to begin, actually... I take that back, it already has begun. 

In one week, school starts. Luckily, I did not sign up for the suicidal 19-hour class schedule... went with an easier 15. I learned my lesson last year. I am pretty excited about my art classes, I'll actually be on the computer this year! WOO HOO! Though, I'm not entirely sure what to think about my life drawing class..... 

I'd say I'm nervous about work the next few weeks, with students actually coming into the office and me not knowing what to say... but that has changed. Today, I was ...fired/forced to quit. I had told my secretary that I would be working Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and most of Fridays. Well, apparently my boss didn't think that would work. He needed someone in the mornings, and to work 20 hours a week. With  my class schedule (that I would just like to add, he knew of when he hired me back in June), that doesn't work. Either change my class schedule (NOT happening) or... leave. So, I left. After crying and talking it out, I turned in two job applications later this afternoon :)

Last year, I was somewhat/not too involved. That will be different this year... Monday nights, I'm leading a Bible study in Buff. Tuesday nights, Overflow in Hill Chapel. Wednesday nights there might be a Bible study at the BSM. Thursday nights there is a worship/late night at the BSM. Don't forget attending football games on Saturdays, and volleyball and basketball games. And last but not least, working out. I look at all this and think, oh my gosh.. I'm going to die. But, I know in reality, once it starts it'll just become second nature and it'll be okay. Sure, I'll probably miss some stuff, but I know I'm just stressing myself out right now for nothing. Or... at least I hope. 

One of my best friends/soon-to-be roommate, Casey, will be here in a few short days. I'm excited to be living with her, just hope we don't end up hating each other in a few months :) but I don't think that will happen..... And, my good friend, Natalie, said she wanted to be my work-out partner, which I'm super excited about! :)

I have BSM training tomorrow night, and then helping move freshmen in and do some publicity for the BSM on Wednesday. BSM stuff Thursday and Friday... and all next week at night. With classes starting, too. And right now, I have this feeling of "what do I do?" even though I wouldn't be working at this time anyways. I know in a week, I will be wondering if I'll have time to sleep at night. I'm trying my hardest to enjoy this last bit of relaxation...........

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