Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lots of Checkmarks.

So, today is August 1st, which equals check-off day! :)

#22 -- No hamburger for a month!
This wasn't very difficult, seeing as I cook all meals for myself. My month consisted of a lot of tilapia, turkey burgers, chicken and stir-fry. The few times I did go out to eat, it wasn't too hard to chose something with no meat (except, yesterday I really wanted a quesadilla at the Soda Shoppe... I was strong though!)

#24 -- Take a photo everyday for a month!
Some days were easier than others... and I know I didn't post all of them, but some days I just ran out of time to load and post them. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the pictures yet, if I should scrapbook them... or do anything with them? Haha. 

#48 -- Go back to drinking 3 bottles of water every day, for a month!
I drank a lot of water this last semester, and made it a point to drink 2-3 bottles a day. But, that habit soon died off to one bottle. But, I'm back in the habit! :)

#70 -- Go a month without pop!
WOO HOO! So, in junior high, one year I made my New Year's Resolution to give up pop. Somehow, I managed to go the entire year without pop. First resolution I ever stuck to! Well, I still didn't drink pop that much after that year... up until I got to college. I probably only drank pop 3 or 4 times a week, but that was still more than I wanted or needed to do. It wasn't too difficult to go without pop, except on Friday mornings at work when I was in desperate need of caffeine. I'm currently sipping on my first pop in over a month, courtesy of Sonic Happy Hour! I love Diet Dr. Pepper!! 

As I was reading through my list, I realized I forgot to check off one a few weeks ago: 
#34 -- Go to an amusement park! 
Courtesy of my Dallas trip.

I finally found a notebook to put all my quotes and lyrics in, so soonnnnnnn... I can check that off! And, in a 3 days I can check off another :)

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