Monday, August 10, 2009

Too many updates, sheesh.

#41 - Check blood sugar at least three times a day for one month.

I finished earlier last week, but never got around to blogging it. 
So good to get back in this habit..  since it's pretty important to my existence and all. 

#35 - Have an art weekend. 

Taylor and I art'ed it up this weekend! 

I did the following: 
- came very close to finishing my dad's car drawing
- splatter painted a canvas 
- made room signs 
- painted my two TV dinner tray/stands 
- completed more of my lyric/quote book 
- made picture frames for two of my friends 

#84 - Unplug for a weekend. 

No TV or movies.
No cell phone. 
No laptop (except we allowed it to play music, since we were having an art weekend also.)

Refreshing to kind of "get away" but at the same time, it was so hard to not text! 

#58 - Make room signs for me and four friends. 

These wooden planks were super cheap at hobby lobby, and I only had to buy a few things of paint - since I already had some from art classes. And, I found those ...jagged-edge hanger things to put on the back. Haha. Super fun and easy project! 

#64 - See three movies before Christmas 2009. 

#1: My Sister's Keeper (in Dallas!) - 7/16
#2: The Ugly Truth - 7/26
#3: The Proposal - 8/7 

Currently in progress:
#80 - Visit the artwalk five times. 
- Jesse, Taylor and I went and walked around the entire place. And picked up some snacks, oops. 

#85 - Make a notebook of my favorite quotes and lyrics. 
- Almost done! 

#94 - Food log for two weeks.
- Today is day one. Hopefully, I keep with it. 

#96 - No sugar, unless low, for two months.
- Also day one. This should be fairly easy :)

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