Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't be an Orpah.

Tonight in Bible study we talked about being a Lady of Faith, and having "eyes of faith."

In this society, people are so caught up in getting a husband - especially during or coming out of college. You're supposed to get your Mrs. degree. So, what do girls start doing? Trying to take the controls away from God. We go to this basketball game because he might be there, we walk this way to class because we know we'll see him, .... you get the picture.

But in the Bible, Ruth doesn't go "where the boys are," but instead, follows God. And instead of trying to find a guy, she just tries to serve the Lord. And what does He do... he brings Ruth and Boaz together. And He didn't just wake up and decide to do this, He intended it.

Instead of stressing and throwing pity parties, we should be letting God do the work. That's what He's here for :) Don't be like Orpah and run away from God, trying to get a guy.

"Don't be afraid. Have faith." -- Mark 5:36
Hebrews 11 talks about how people did all these things by faith. [Hebrews 11 is the home of my all-time favorite verse of the Bible... verse one.]

Is there anything you can't do by faith?

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