Monday, February 22, 2010

Humble Pie.

Sometimes we're reluctant to serve.
We don't want to spend a whole summer away.
We want to relax over break.

But, what we often forget is that we are here to glorify Him.
Yes, He died for us.
... but so that we would also glorify Him.

I was talking with some friends yesterday
about being discouraged while serving.
They told me these missionaries had been serving for years,
and only 3 people had been saved.
My friend asked them if they were discouraged by this, and they replied,
"Every time I start feeling discouraged, God reminds me what an honor it is to even just be serving Him here."

God doesn't need us. I mean, He is pretty powerful and all....
But He chose us. He wants to use us.

I had never really thought about that... how humbling, God wants to use me; how selfish, I'm reluctant.

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