Sunday, February 28, 2010

Live to Serve.

SVU has become one of my favorite shows this year.

I just watched a really good episode. I missed parts of it, unfortunately but this is most of it: A deaf girl was dying, and was somewhat suicidal, she blogged and tried to help other people who were also suicidal. A diabetic girl was given too much insulin (or took?) and died, and (I think) was depressed.

Diabetes is depressing sometimes. But it's never actually made me depressed, though.

But during the trial, they asked the deaf girl how she coped, how she managed to stay alive. She said there would be no one to help the people on her blog/website. Although they never mentioned God, helping and encouraging others is Christlike.

Even when she wanted to die, she stayed alive to help others... to serve others.

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