Friday, February 26, 2010

Lose Control.

I kind of have road rage. Not that I cuss and scream, ever. I think I've honked at someone once in my life?

But I'm the one tailing you. I mutter under my breath for you to speeeeeeed uppppp.

Yesterday, I drove home to Kansas. It was a good drive, not too much traffic, nice weather, some of it cloudy (which I love driving in). But. 95% of the people I drove behind were going 10 mph under the speed limit. Or we played tango; you pass... I pass... you pass... I pass... (that happened with three different cars in three hours). I was about to scream by the time I got home.

In the middle of all this, I realized something.
I drive like I think.
From the time I was a sixth grader, I just wanted everything to hurry up. I wanted to wear make-up. I wanted to shave my legs already. I wanted to be in high school. I wanted to drive. I got in high school, I wanted to graduate. I wanted a boyfriend. I got to college, I still wanted a boyfriend.

God is trying so hard to get me to be patient, to trust Him and stop making things happen on my own. Which, I can honestly and proudly say I have done so much much better progressively over the past several months. I have a quote hanging on my door: "God's timing is not always our own."

I love road trips, and I love driving by myself. But sometimes, I forget that God is the best driver and need to let him have full control over my steering wheel. I can't be the little kid sitting on His lap trying to steer.

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