Sunday, February 7, 2010


So, I'm thinking about starting a campaign against potholes.
Not really, BUT a little pothole yesterday caused me a great deal of stress and trouble.

Going into the Hobby Lobby parking lot, I hit a pothole. Didn't notice until I was trying to leave. Tried to go to the Phillips 66 air pump across the street. Lost two quarters since I didn't notice that some kind-hearted person decided to cut off the end of the hose.

Luckily, my roommate was with me, and her uncle lives in Amarillo. He came and put the spare on, then we went to Sears. An unnecessary hour and a half later, new tire!

Sometimes I overreact, and yesterday was one of those times. I needed to do some homework, because I have a tonnnnn. (Waiting for paint to dry currently, so I thought I'd blog.) I knew this tire escapade would set back my schedule, and that my parents probably wouldn't be too happy with me. Rachel kept trying to calm me down and just to laugh at it so I wouldn't have a stress ulcer.

It ended up being okay. Got some good quality time with my roommate, ate Taco Villa for the first time and saw Dear John. (Mmmmmmm, Channing.)

Today in church, our pastor told a story about how at his first church, some elders hated him... thought he was Satan. And it really troubled his wife, that people would hate them that much. Fast forward to the present time, and he was talking to one of his doctors. The doctor talked about how out 100 patients, 99 will love him, but one will hate him and won't come back. My favorite part of the sermon:

"And why do I lay in bed awake at night thinking about that one patient who hated me, instead of the 99 who love me?"

What he said after that is a little rambled, but I did write down: "Why worry about one problem rather than thinking about all your blessings?"

I realized this is one of my biggest weaknesses. It's probably not just me, I mean, I am human... so I'm sure there's other humans out there who do the same thing. It just made me think of my worrisome self in general, but especially how I let that stupid pothole ruin my whole day...

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