Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day Twenty-five.

Write a letter to someone you miss.

Dear Grandpa,
I wish I had known you when I was older and could remember you more. I feel like we have a very similar personality from the tidbits I do remember.

Dear Ellie,
I wish we lived closer. For once in my life.

Dear Kelli,
I miss our morning notes and long hugs. Waking up to nothing on my mirror and no one to giggle with is boring. You also can tell when I'm lying through my teeth, which helps keep me in line.

Dear Stephen,
I miss our bike rides and heart to hearts.

Dear S,
I miss you. The End.

There is a time and purpose for every season and situation. There is a wonderful reason that so many people I love are so far away from me - hopefully in ten years I can look back and see why. I would say that that's something I'll ask when I go to heaven... but I know by then I won't even care. :)

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