Monday, February 14, 2011


Dear Boyfriend,

You basically just provided the best weekend I've had since this summer.

The fact that the first and last thing we did on this trip was eat Taco Bell makes me laugh - though not as hard as when you tickled me.

Friday included antique shops, chocolate and spending time with you. Three of my favorite things.

Lunch at the Crimson Moon was delish, even if their speakers were hung with carabiners, and the fonts were horrible on the menu. I also love that your family trusted their stomachs to me (okay, mostly you) to cook valentine's day dinner. I love even more that we did not care to change out of our shirts that held the evidence of a flour fight. It adds some finesse to the picture, I think. Friday was full of food, nom nom nom... oh, and me beating everyone at Wii bowling.

Making me sneak onto the old car at Underground Atlanta on Saturday... priceless. My adventurous spirit doesn't get out too much, so I think I met my quota for the week. I know you wanted to get in the choo-choo, but the crazy security guy with dreads was too scary to try and push out. Next time?

Do you remember the crazy, toothless, homeless lady telling us we were cute? I agree. :)

As if the park wasn't amazing enough in itself, you remembered I wrote down a picnic on my 101 to-do list. Best. picnic. ever. I'm sorry you didn't like saltines and cucumbers, but I knew you wouldn't! I hope we don't get a fine for littering cucumber. I also don't know many people that would take me to Hobby Lobby just for the heck of it. And be willing to take a mirror picture with me. Little stuff like this we miss out on being 1200 miles apart. :)

You also remembered my love of Italian food. Yummmmmmmmmmm. Even though you didn't like my mushroom manicotti, and confused the waitress with your order.... it was relaxing to sit in that too-dark corner with no candles and paper tablecloths to color on. Losing Hand and Foot afterwards wasn't the greatest though, we should work on that.

"I don't want you to leave!" ...this was one of the cutest moments of the weekend.
We sure do know how to make each other laugh - one of my favorite things about us. 

I sure did hate saying good-bye to you. I think the Lord is reminding me to be content wherever I am, whether it's dancing with you in the car in Atlanta or sitting in my quiet apartment alone. 

Love, jess

p.s. - I'm sorry I assumed (this summer, I might add) you had no creativity. Seven months later, you prove me wrong. You out-did yourself with the poem and scrapbook. I'm glad the Lord gave both of us some creativity. :)


  1. Wow,
    Too much presh in one blog.
    Just kidding.
    Definitely not too much.

  2. BEST POST EVER! I loved spending so much time with you over the weekend.

    LOVE Aaron

  3. fun to see your adventures. Looks like a delightful weekend. and yes, you are cute together.