Friday, July 31, 2009

No Creative Title.

I know, I know... I haven't blogged in awhile. 

Nor have I uploaded my daily photos. I've just been crazy busy! 

Good things:
- Last night was my last night shift at the gym, I work two 3-hour shifts this weekend and I'm DONE!
- I am about to finish my powerpoint for my online class, and then I have a test this weekend and then I'm DONE!
- I'm going to Glorieta, NM next week with some of my favorite people! 
- I made $100 with my photography at the county fair back home!
- I made $90 selling one of my camera's on (I still have another I need to sell, if you know anyone who wants a good camera, let me know!)
- I have the easiest office job ever.

Bad things:
- I need to do really really well on my last test in this online class.
- I've had to scrape off label stickers off of millions of chairs, I hate that part of my job. 
- I really want to sell my camera so I can buy myself a new one :) 
- I keep getting headaches.

Tomorrow, I will have gone a month without eating hamburger or drinking pop. I probably won't go buy a hamburger right away, but I'm taking myself to happy hour! MMMMMM. I will have also gone a month with drinking 3 bottles of water (or equivalent) every day and taking a daily photo! Just a few short days after that, I will have gone a month with checking my blood sugar three times a day! :)

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