Saturday, July 18, 2009

#12 - DALLAS!

So, I spent the last week in Dallas. I had never been, which shocked a lot of people (until they found out I grew up in Kansas). Some plans failed, and we got lost a few times but overall I loved it. I've been to a few big cities, but this time we were driving in the city and had control over our plans. I don't want to go over every single detail, because no one will want to read that long of a blog. Small recap:

- Take the long route through Lubbock and Seymour, get to Frisco about 10. 

- Go to the Grapevine Mall
- Go to the Frisco Mall
- Visit IKEA for the first time (new favorite store)
- Stir fry and homemade rice krispy treats for dinner

Wednesday (day of the dresses!)
- Visit the Dallas Museum of Art... we were supposed to see the whole Dallas Arts District but we couldn't exactly find it? 
- SIX FLAAAAAGS! So many roller coasters :)
- See the old Cowboys stadium 

- Attempt to shop on Fairmount street (it's supposedly a huge street of shops and galleries, we found four)
- Attempt to find Harry Hines Boulevard a.k.a. "Shopper's Alley" (fail.)
- Eat at Pei Wei (always wanted to!)
- See the NEW Cowboys stadium
- Eat at CiCi's (always wanted to!)
- Watch "My Sister's Keeper" ---> bawled like a baby, fell in love with the movie. Offically Top 5 favorite movies. 

- Planned on going to the zoo and Galleria.... 
- Plans were changed, went to Prosper and ate lunch with some of Taylor's relation
- Decided to drive home a day early; good thing, we had a two hour detour! 

Doesn't sound like the greatest week, but it was a lot of fun! Even with getting lost multiple times. We had a GPS, but it wasn't updated (or so we assumed), so we got lost a few times. I drove in Dallas, and enjoyed it! I don't know if I've ever heard someone say they "enjoyed" driving in Dallas.... 

I bought some storage/decor for my suite, and a couple of shirts. Ate a lot of unhealthy food and splurged off of my healthy eating. Made a ton of inside jokes and memories :)

And I learned the following:
My body does not like unhealthy food
I really am a city driver
I need a GPS
Cheap vacations are possible :)

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  1. I am addicted to the fortunes from fortune cookies in SUCH an unhealthy way .... like I probably have 100+ floating around here....