Saturday, November 21, 2009


I saw The Blind Side last night.... it was amazing. I joke that it was just because it had football in it, but really - one of the best movies I've ever seen.

This rich family (more, the mom at first) takes in a homeless kid who doesn't really have family, he lived in the projects, isn't smart... and gives him a home. Eventually, he makes it to college with their help.

The movie made me realize how selfish, arrogant and rude we are. Not just to homeless or poor people, but to each other. Like... wow - we're classmates, family, acquaintances, we live together, or work together... or maybe don't even know each other.... and half the time we're too arrogant or prideful to apologize, or go out of our way to help someone, or just be a decent person and be nice.

It seems sometimes we're too blinded by what's "wrong" in our life, to stop and consider that someone may have had it worse, or is having a rough time now.... and help them, or just be... NICE. This lady took that kid in off the streets and gave him home, which is huge. But, how often do we do something a fraction of that size?

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