Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Thoughts.

So, every week, the girl Bible study leaders on campus meet together and talk... sometimes productively, other times not as much. There's not always a specific topic... just whatever comes up.

This week, we got to talking about relationships and boyfriends.
Which, what girl doesn't need to hear about that?

Here's some of what we talked about:

There's no dating in the Bible. Maybe "dating" one or two people, but then that was it... and they got married. Does that mean we don't date? Not exactly. Should you pray about whether or not this is the guy you're supposed to be with? Yes.

What's most important in a relationship is that both people are seeking Him and praying. Therefore, we (girls) shouldn't worry about if we're ever going to get married or find someone... we're not going to miss him. If you're both seeking God, He will bring you together. And if/when you start dating - your relationship should be about keeping the other more focused on God, rather than focus on each other.

You should consider every guy like your brother, until God shows you he should be more than that. Guard your heart.

Having JUST guy friends is good - God is teaching you how to JUST be friends with guys. .... Since sometimes in marriages there can be jealousy of opposite sex friends, etc.

God will bring you someone in time. Having the desire to get married isn't bad though, because He gave us that desire - and if you have that desire... He's not going to not fulfill it.

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