Monday, November 30, 2009

Lacking Virtue?

God knows better than anyone how impatient I am.

Patience, overall, is just not easy for me.... waiting in lines, waiting for people, special occasions, etc.

If I could name one thing I'm just a little MORE impatient about - it'd be relationships. No, no... I'm not saying I want to be married within the next year. Haha. But a boyfriend would be nice.

But I'm torn. Because like Proverbs says, Guard your heart. So, I intend to do so.
But... a boyfriend would be nice.
But, I know God will bring him when I'M ready, and in HIS time.
But, I'm impatient.

Today, for some unknown reason, God kept showing and reminding me all day - be patient. in all things. Patience is a virtue.

Be patient.

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