Monday, April 5, 2010


Tonight's Bible study was on being content.

So many people search for someone to be with, thinking it will bring them contentment and happiness. When really there is only One person who can bring us that.

In Philippians 4, Paul talks about being content in whatever he has. He was content because he didn't rely on himself, he drew strength from Christ.

Oh, how often I fail at this. Even though I find myself more and more praying and seeking His word for strength and peace.

Meredith Andrew has a song, "Can Anybody Hear Me?"
And there's a line in there: "If there is anything at all, coming in between our love, please show me..."

I don't want a boyfriend (right now). If "he" would become between me and God, I don't want him. I don't. I'm content without a boyfriend, because I have God.

I want a relationship that would glorify Him. If it glorifies Him, it will be brought by Him.
So I wait.

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