Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tornado? What?

We had a tornado warning tonight. Oh, summer has begun. :)

I think there was like 4 or 5 tornadoes within a 30 min radius? I'm not sure.

But, there were a few funny things:

1) I was supposed to be watching Biggest Loser, but the news with all the severe weather overrode. But, what was I doing while watching this weather? Working on Photoshop.

2) Once I realized the storm actually WAS moving towards Canyon, I decided to get ready to run for cover. Not only did I take a backpack, but what did I put in it? Bible, laptop and glucometer. Three essentials. (Glucose tabs were already in there.)

3) As I was entering the HELC, my friend Angela was about to go outside to get a board for a project. Honey, it's raining. And there's supposedly a tornado coming. "But... I was just going to run to my car and get it." R-a-i-n. Hahaha. :)

4) While sitting in the HELC, a lady walked by and told her friends ever-so-casually that she was going to Amarillo, her dogs were outside. Yes, because THAT is what's important right now.

and finally,

5) While the HELC was probably the loudest and most packed it had ever been since the last need for storm shelter - a few people were STILL working on homework. That's dedication.

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