Monday, April 19, 2010

Key Points.

I know a few blogs ago, I talked about not wanting a boyfriend.

But, this blog has to do with just that - in a good way. My Bible study this week talked about the qualities we should look for in our future husband, the ones he should possess. But also, what WE should possess.

He/we should be spirit-controlled (Eph 5:18), God-centered (Mk 12:30), broken (Phil 4:13), ministry-minded/servant (1 Cor 4:2, Rom 10:14), sensitive (Gal 6:2), humble, teach[able] (Mt 28:19-20), person of prayer (Col 4:2).

He/we should also put others first (Phil 2:3-4), be joyful (John 15:11), follow God's timing (Ps 37:7), help others (Eph 4:32) and keep away from temptation (Prov 25:28).

I finished reading these, and looked at my list and realized something. I've always heard (and want) that your relationships should be centered around God and not each other. Before I read these, I wasn't entirely sure what that meant. Read your Bible every time you're together? Only see each other at church? Okay, not really. But I just wasn't entirely sure what that meant. After looking at these, I saw they all pointed back to God.

Not that my future husband, or I, will ever be perfect and possess each of these qualities. We're human, of course. But, someone fully focused on God should be seeking to be conformed more like Christ. It becomes a problem if they're lacking a quality completely and aren't willing to strive for it.

This study just once again, made me not want a boyfriend. While listening to a podcast awhile back, I heard how God doesn't bring us someone because He's building us, working on us (and continues to even when we do have someone). There are so many qualities here that God is still working on in me. I know Mr. Whoever is not going to be perfect, but he's going to amazing - and I won't have to "settle." And I don't want him to settle either, I want to be the most I can be for him.

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  1. This is an amazingly inspired blog, Jess. Seriously. You've got it right when it comes to husband stuff. Truth me told, while I was reading it, I was thinking about my boyfriend and was in awe at how many of those qualities he has. Yeah, he's made some mistakes, so have I, but God smacked us together and is growing us in HIS timing.

    Kudos, my diabetic sister :]