Friday, January 14, 2011

Day One.

30-day Challenge.
I'm not sure if I'll stick with this. And I'm not really sure why I'm doing it to begin with, it almost reminds me of something I used to do on Myspace (ew). But, there's a question for everyday....answer it, etc. Except I'm going to add a picture with it (which requires a picture a day).

Post 15 facts about yourself. 

1. My heart has completely changed over the last year. My heart, my desires, my dreams. All of it because of God.
2. I'm a designer, but painting is one of my favorite things to do. I really hope my house someday has an art room I can paint in (yes, like in The Notebook).
3. I listen to a lot of music on repeat. One week, I listened to Gungor every morning for an hour.
4. My peanut butter obsession is a little extreme.
5. I hate taking out the trash. Future husband and kids will do that.
6. I have a weird fascination with old things. i.e. - I have a non-working typewriter inside of a worn suitcase displayed in my living room.
7. I wish I could not work, but stay at home to paint and go running.
8. I kind of want to live in Europe.
9. I'm a total bookworm.
10. I have the weirdest dreams, all the time. i.e. - the other day I dreamt of the end times. Some guy's face fell off, and he was wearing a blue plaid-type shirt.
11. I've had diabetes for 17 years. Totally embrace it. Except lately I've had the grown-up realization that it's gonna kick my life in the butt if I don't get it under control.
12. I love singing, it's almost impossible for me to listen to music without singing.
13. Three of the people I love the most live in all different parts of the country (or world).
14. I miss a lot of movies. 300, Matrix, MIB, Social Network, and hundreds of others - never seen.
15. I have a huge heart for women's and collegiate ministry. I don't know where God's leading me with that... but we shall find out in the next few years. :)

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