Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boundless #15.

I really enjoyed today's reading, because I think it's something a lot of people (myself included) struggle with... and sometimes don't realize it.

I heard a sermon several months ago and there's one line that has stuck with me: "We are bad people by nature. We are not good people who occasionally do bad things, we are bad people who occasionally do good things."

The first part of the article today talked about whether or not we can know what's good without knowing God. He said that people often suppress what we know about right and wrong - we may know the truth, and have the desire to know the truth... but that's not the only desire at work in us. Sadly, I think this statement is very true, especially for people my age. Most people my age are about having fun and living in the moment, they don't want to "follow rules" and serve others.

The second part of the article was about whether or not we can do what's good without following God. Last week I heard a sermon, and the preacher said "People who aren't Christians can do good things." Which, when I heard that I was like ... well, duh. Just because you're not a Christian doesn't mean you're a bad person. I don't go around thinking non-Christians are horrible, horrible people.

Back to the article... Our decency is scum compared to God. We are naturally bad people, remember? We can't go ten minutes without being selfish, without resentment, without lust. I am so broken, nothing I do will be able to fix myself. "Many philosophies and religions teach about right and wrong with pretty fair accuracy. What they can't do is heal the sin-sickness. Our cancer requires more than a doctrine. What it requires is a divine surgeon, God Himself, and the name of His surgery is Jesus Christ."

Many people struggle with pride. We all need a dose of humility. No one person has something to boast about themselves, it's all His doing - His mercy, grace and power are what heals us.

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