Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boundless #5.

So today's Boundless challenge was to call a friend (which, I cheated, because I've been working all day and have a full night ahead of me) and ask how I could be a better friend to them, and then have a conversation about how life is going, etc.

I texted (told you, I cheated) two of my best friends today and told them about the challenge, and asked if there was anything I could change. The challenge told us to not allow our friends to cop out and say "you're fine" ... but, they obviously not met my stubborn (but amazing) best friends.

I told one of my friends who is also doing this challenge that my challenge today failed, basically. But, he told me to reflect on it and write about it anyways.

So, I sit here and try evaluate myself within my friendships.
I know I'm not the perfect friend (because no one can be), nor am I close.

I have a huge heart, just like my daddy. Sadly, the hugeness of my heart is shown mostly to those closest to me. When I say you're a close friend, or a best friend, of mine - I mean it. I will buy you a snowcone when you're recovering from getting your tonsils removed. I will drive you to go get prescriptions. I will bring you shakes when you're having a bad day. I will pray for you - a lot.

But I know there are parts of me that probably affect my friendships. I know my friends call me out when I trip up and do something wrong. And I continually pray that He transforms me more and more into His image, which I hope reflects into my friendships as well.

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