Monday, July 26, 2010

Lost and Love.

Usually when a friend has a birthday, it brings fun. Eating out, bowling, movies, dancing, roller-skating - who knows what they pick.

But, today's a birthday that doesn't bring much celebration. Drew would've turned 20 today. Five and half years ago though, he passed away in a car accident. He literally was one of my very first friends. We knew each other from when we were toddlers. We lost communication for awhile until we got old enough to use MSN Messenger (yeah, old school.) and we did see each other a few times whenever I went up to my grandparents.

I think that's why I love friends so much. I've lost a few, that were special to me in their own way. Not just out of the ordinary friends. Which, when I think about it - I'm pretty sure all of my friends each have their own special place. I have friends from years and years ago, and friends I've known for less than a year.

Take, Ellie, for instance.

Girl has class. Or, was it sass? Or both? ... Both.

I've known this girl since we were eight. That is 12 years. Granted, we didn't become close until about four or five years ago. But, we put up with a lot from each other. Rants, complaining, lack of important details, long periods of time in-between pen pal letters, lack of sympathy. Yet, somehow we have a stronger bond than peanut butter and jelly.

I love when I expect a message about something funny/traumatic that happened, but I get "Love you!" randomly.

I love that no matter what I throw at her, she always has advice to give me and can pick me up off my feet.

I love (or hate) when she puts me in my place, because she knows I need it.

She lives hours and hours and thousands of miles away from me, but yet knows close to every detail in my life. It's like we're a tracking monitor to each other... "going to work," "going to wal-mart," etc.

I love that at the end of the day when I'm about to break down, I can just let it all out and she listens.

CLL. <3

This blog may have been slightly bi-polar in subjects. But, there are days like today that even though it saddens me to remember a lost friend... it reminds me of how much I love all my friends and all their quirks.

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  1. Hey, I love you. Thank you for this post, and know that I fully reciprocate your CLL <3