Saturday, July 3, 2010

Read it Up.

Ben Stuart is at it again.

Last night, he preached over James 1:18-25. The main theme of his message was about diving into the Word of God, and how important it is to be knowledgeable in Scripture. I loved that this message was spoken to kids in junior high and high school, because it's so important. I didn't start having a quiet time until a year ago, and it has honestly changed my life. In the words of Ben, "God's Word tells us how to navigate through this dark and scary world."

Get the Bible in you, and let it change you. Be born again by the Word of God. This is only plausible if we stop being just hearers of the Word, and start becoming doers of the Word.

"Study like your life depends on it, because it does. Study like you do for finals, because your test begins today." Knowing the Word of God is life or death. Being overcome by sin will lead to death. Being immersed in the Word and letting the power of God work through you will save you.

The parable of the farmer in Matthew shows us how the Word of God works in our lives, depending on our heart. The soil of our heart needs to be soft. I wonder how many times in my life, the soil of my heart was like the road... and God's Word just bounced off. But praise God, He's softened my heart, and His Word has become "breath and living water"... I crave it.

"All I know is, this Book makes crazy sense."

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