Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eleven on the 11th.

1) Today, my physical therapist said that since I've been doing so well, that today was my last physical therapy session - and that I'm free to ease back into running. Praise Him!! :) 

2) I will get to see my best friend for the first time in two years in EIGHT days. 

3) Although neither of my jobs are stressful, they are not always the most enjoyable.. I get bored easily. But, knowing what my first paycheck will be keeps me motivated! 

4) I did kickboxing/tae-bo today in fitness class. Best work-out ever. 

5) There is a bird in the roof in the hallway at work. (That was a lot of prepositions.) I hear it everyday I walk down the hallway to work, but today I can hear it from my office. 

6) I was too sore to walk across campus and get the mail yesterday, but today when I went to get it... there was only one thing. So I didn't feel so bad anymore :) 

7) I'm really tan. I think suffering through the two sunburns was worth it. Even if I do have to call my friends in 30 years and tell them I have skin cancer on my shoulders. 

8) One of the student workers walked by the copier room today (Yeah, I actually did something at work today!) and was just staring at my legs. Awkwaaaard. 

9) I really want to go to Dallas/Six Flags. Soon, please. :)

10) I get to go to the best place on earth (or one of the best) in nine days. NINE. 

11) I love making lists. Like, Post-It should give me a discount for how many sticky notes I go through in a week. 


  1. its interesting to read your blog. I like who you are becoming. Not that I didn't like the little girl I knew..its just fun to see the woman emerging.

  2. HOLY COW!! :)

    1. im glad you get to run again! even though i dont get to see you, i know how much you miss running!

    2.yay for best friends!

    3. yay for money! lol

    4. i wish i could have taken that class SOOO BAAAD.

    5.birds are always annoying!!

    6. you actually got mail?! lol

    7. sunburns are depressing simply because of THAT. im gonna have it on my feet. :/

    8. a lot of people in canyon are WEIRD like that. haha

    9. you should totally come with my youth group to SEC [student evangelism conference] this summer. its a 2 day concert/churchy thing AND we go to six flags!

    10.WHERE is this best place on earth?!

    11. we can be list making freaks together! i got soo excited when i bot this little folder looking thing that was full of a bunch of different really cute sticky notes! :)

  3. I got the mail for my office, I *personally* don't get mail. Or at least very often :P When's the conference?! And the best place on earth is at Rock Springs 4H Camp, well it's the camp grounds, but that's where my diabetes camp is always at :)

  4. haha. nerd. the conference is at the Dallas convention center so you get dallas and six flags. lol. its august 7th and 8th. its pretty much AMAZING. and YAY for summer camp! :)