Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mindless Thoughts.

Notes of today:

 - I am halfway done with creating my watermark. I just can't figure out how to make it transparent or... whatever, so that I can place it on my photos! 

 - I'm starting on two of my tasks of the 101 in 1001 list tomorrow! 

 - I'm wearing my new summer dress right now. I'm enjoying the dress more than I thought I would... I almost want to go buy one in every color! 

 - I had a blood sugar of 95 before breakfast, and 112 after yoga. BOO-YAH! 

 - I may have found a new work-out buddy; the secretary in the office I work at. 

 - For the first time, I am celebrating my diabetic birthday this year! Some friends and I are going to go eat at Olive Garden on Friday (since Saturday will be filled with 4th festivities). 

 - I'm getting a raise at one of my jobs soon! YESSSSSS! 

 - Only a few days left in the cafeteria, which is good and bad; good because I can eat healthier and not worry about camp kids, but bad because that means I have to cook for myself! 

That's all for today. :)


  1. you gotta show me your watermark! :) i need to make one too.. but i have no programs to make one..

  2. yeah, just copy another idea of mine....

  3. well i can't help it that you always have great ideas!