Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Little Things.

I like the simple things.

Things that made me smile today:
I went hiking with my parents today in Palo Duro. 
I got this little contraption that makes omelettes in the microwave. 
I bought a new pair of soffee shorts. 
I ate Olive Garden salad. 
I went to almost all the food samplings in Sam's Club today. 
I tried tilapia today. 
I watched one of my favorite movies with my best friend. 

There are parts of me, I admit, that are very complicated. But, there are other parts of me that are so low-maintenance. I don't need a guy to take me out to a fancy restaurant and movie every weekend. Watching a movie at home or walking around town is enough. "Doing something on the weekend" doesn't automatically equal going out. Sitting in the lobby talking or going for a snowcone is enough fun for me (though, there are things that are more fun.) I wear t-shirts, I don't care much about what's "in fashion." Never have. 

On the other end, it's also the simple things that make me angry. Little actions, little words. But, I'm not going into that today. 

I think sometimes it's the little things that make you happier. 


  1. Wow.. This has the same concept as my "little things" blog :)

    Reading this made me realize even more that we are so much alike! :) Like that WHOLE paragraph no joke! It's crazy..

    p.s. I CAN'T WAIT for thursday! :)

  2. Digging your blog background ... SO cute .... but my husband would VETO anything so cute in a heartbeat.

    Oh, and you're kicking my BUTT on blogging ... I'm beginning to feel like a SLACKER ....