Wednesday, July 1, 2009

#66 with glucose tabs.

Today was the weirdest/most random day of my life, or at least top three. But in a good way, for the most part. 

Early morning (before 5 a.m.) I vaguely remember waking up and eating 12 glucose tabs - which are sugar tablets I eat when my blood sugar is low. Well, you're not supposed to eat more than like 3 or 4. So I woke up expecting to have an outrageously high number - nope, 127. Perfecto. 

Driving to class, I text Ellie and Pete. Pete responds, and proceeds to tell me that I woke him up, and he was having a low blood sugar. Wow, so if I hadn't randomly texted him, he wouldn't of woken up. After class, I text Ellie again, and she responds that she overslept, and my text woke her up AND she's having a really low blood sugar. Wow, twice in one morning? As my dad said, the Lord communicates in different ways - I guess now he's into texting! Haha, gotta love my dad. 

Then, at work I realize I have lost the mail key. Awesome. I'm freaking out, calling UPD, etc. No luck. Randomly, my doctor calls me to say they have an opening - for tomorrow. But, in order to go to the appointment I have to take off both jobs. So, I desperately try to find a cover for the gym. Found one. Tell the secretary at this job I won't be in tomorrow - and in the process of all this, make plans with a friend from out of town to meet up and hang out tomorrow. Get off work, call the doctor - nope, they filled it already. So, I cancel the gym cover, but ask for next week. Don't cancel at the office, (oops.) and keep plans with the friend.  

Get off work, get ready for job #2 and what do you know - my mail key is in my gym bag. Note to self: run that to the office in the morning. 

I'm sitting at ID checker at the gym, and I start to feel funny. Check my blood sugar - 91. Presto. Well, eat one tab just for good measure. Five minutes later, still feel funny... eat another tab. Five minutes later, still feel funny... check - 67. Okay...? How did I drop? Over-treat and eat about 5. Later on in the shift, I wanted to check and see if I needed to take insulin because I overtreated. Nope - 108. WHAT?! Where are all these good blood sugars coming from, and why do I have a bad A1C! 

Weird day over. Finally. 

In un-weirdness, I started three of my 101 tasks today, AND checked one off! 
I took a daily photo (below), drank three bottles of water, and did my sit-ups. The task I completed was #66 -- Try turkey burgers. It was GOOD! I promise! It'd be good if you used some seasoning, but I'm too cheap to do that. This was the first meal I actually made, usually if I have to fend for myself I just eat random things, and don't actually put all of the food on one plate. 

I ended the meal with a strawberry/banana/yogurt smoothie. Mmmmmm. :) 

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